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You can now purchase Gold and Silver leaf decoration, DVDs of our TV cooking show, aprons, and gift certificates.

If you have any questions or problems while placing your order online, please do not hesitate to call us at 831-626-9000.

ORO FINO 23K Gold Leaves, 25 pieces $55.00
ORO FINO 23K Gold Petals, 500 mg box $108.00
ORO FINO 23K Gold Petals, 150 mg box $39.00
ORO FINO 23K Gold Powder, 1 gram shaker, Coarse $170.00
ORO FINO 23K Gold Powder, 1 gram shaker, Fine $170.00
ORO FINO 23K Gold Powder, 100 mg shaker $25.00
ARGENTO FINO Silver Leaves, 25 pieces $48.00
ARGENTO FINO Silver Leaves, 12 pieces $24.00
ARGENTO FINO Silver Petals, 500 mg $44.00
ARGENTO FINO Silver Sprinkle Shaker, 1 gram $48.00
Genuine Gold Bamboo Tweezers, Large $20.00
Cooking with Edible Gold and Silver DVD #85 $8.75

Entire First Season - 8 DVD's containing 26 episodes of the popular TV Show. $75.00
Season 1 Part 1 - 4 DVD's containing 13 episodes of the show including: soups, mushrooms, appetizers, spa cuisine, valentines, phyllo dough, Masters of Food and Wine, "Love Chef", Mexican fiesta, Indian Chef, ice cream, and Jim Dodge. $39.95
Season 1 Part 2 - 4 DVD's containing 13 episodes of the show including: breakfast, lamb, stews, table settings, hors d'oeuvres, turducken, side dishes, Chaine National Company, leaves, pantry gifts, sandwiches, and American sushi. $39.95

One DVD includes 3 shows. Choose the DVD(s) with your specific menu interest.

Click on the title to order:

Disk 1 - Breakfast, Lamb, Stews

Disk 2 - Table Settings, Hors d'oeuvres

Disk 3 - Turducken, Side Dishes, Chaine National

Disk 4 - Leaves, Pantry Gifts, Sandwiches, American Sushi

Disk 5 - Soups, Mushrooms

Disk 6 - Appetizers, Spa Cuisine, Valentines

Disk 7 - Phyllo Dough, Masters of Food and Wine, Love Chef

Disk 8 - Mexican Fiesta, Indian, Ice Cream, Jim Dodge

$9.95 ea  

Apron with Art of Food logo. Color: Black. $22.50
The Wubeez Cloth cleans, buffs and shines any glass: glasses, mirrors, glass art etc. Especially designed to buff fine wine glasses it is without a doubt the best in the industry. With Art of Food logo. $9.25
Balsamic glaze and sauce of Modena (7.95 oz. bottle)
Special Introductory Offer - $14.00.

Gift Certificates See our Gift Certificate Page for details.

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